Alright guys, here’s a preview of the new story — Bloodlines.



A thousand years ago, four families set out on a journey to discover something greater than anyone could imagine— magic. After long and hard quests and battles, they finally came down to the ultimate test. 


To be worthy of such a great magic, you had to be willing to sacrifice anything and everything for it. So each family gave up something they valued most. Their life. 


To obtain the four elements each family sought, they would have to die by that element and its ability would bind its way into the family’s blood line, gifting them with its ability. 


The Sheck family sacrificed one member to fire. They watched as their loved one burned to nothing but charred bits of flesh and bone. And as a token of their sacrifice, the Sheck blood line was gifted, with fire. 


The Dunn family sacrificed one member to air. The member from their family was choked to death, his breath being withheld from his lungs. As a token of their sacrifice, the Dunn bloodline was gifted with the ability to control air. 


The Gray family sacrificed a member to water, drowning their beloved until he sank to the bottom of the sea. As a token of their sacrifice, the Gray family was gifted with water. 


The last and final family was seeking the deadliest element of all. Earth. This magic came with a deadly responsibility— protect the Earth, control it and don’t let it consume you. 


The Kitaguchi family set out for this element, brutally sacrificing and member to it by burying them alive. The Kitaguchi bloodline was from then on blessed with the ability to control the Earth and bend it to their will. 


As people grew to know that such magic existed, mortals made it their obligation to kill every member from each family— cutting out the magic. 


But, not before member from each family mated with another person, spreading the bloodline around. After a hundred years, each direct member of all four families had been brutally murdered. 


The world was finally free of magic. Or so it thought.  As generations went on, people discovered new abilities. People were able to hear others thoughts and walk through walls. But never again were the four original abilities seen again.


There was no escaping the magic.


Four hundred years later, a prophecy is spoken. In five hundred years time, four descendants from each of the original families shall rise, bringing on a new wave of magic. 


Flash forward to the year 2013. 


Kayleigh Dunn, Taylor Gray, Adriana Sheck and Allie Kitaguchi are four completely inseperable best friends. Brought together by fate and each wielding a different ability, they fight to stay normal. 


By attending a private school, they learn about their abilities and find a new way to cope with them— music. Each of the four turns to music, allowing them to feel… Normal. 


It’s not until they’re shipped off to Simon Cowell’s School for the Musically Gifted, that they discover they aren’t alone with their… Talents.


This school isn’t for normal people. It’s for teenagers with abilities— and who also are musically talented.  


But as each girl’s abilities begin to progress, they discover other powers they never knew they had. 


Kayleigh Dunn can disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye. With the ability to control air, Kayleigh’s molecules had shifted, allowing her to become invisible. 


Adriana Sheck is telekinetic and can move things with nothing more than a simple thought. 


Taylor Gray can teleport and go from continent to continent with the wink of an eye. 


And Allie Kitaguchi can create a shield with her mind, so powerful that it can stop even the darkest magic from touching her. 


At this school they meet five extraordinary boys. Each boy contains the ability of super strength and speed. But each has an individual power as well. 


Zayn Malik has premonitions, or visions of the future. He can’t control when he sees them, but when he does, he paints the image on a canvas, so he doesn’t forget. 


Niall Horan can fly. 


Louis Tomlinson has ultra sonic hearing that can reach miles away. 


Liam Payne is telepathic. He can hear your thoughts and communicate with you by thinking a thought in your direction. 


And finally, Harry Styles. He’s gifted with the most dangerous and powerful gift of all. Total and absolute control. Harry has the ability to control any another living creature. It doesn’t matter who or what, but if it’s living, he can control it. 


The only person he can’t control is Allie Kitaguchi, who is immune to everyone. No one can force magic on her without her consent because of her ability to shield herself.

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