One time, the Queen of England decided to knight a loyal member of her country who happened to be Jewish. 

This man knew that knights were supposed to say something in Latin as the Queen knighted them, but didn’t remember the line, so he quickly said “ma nishtana halaila hazeh micol haleilot”

This, of course, confused the Queen, who turned to her advisor and asked “Why is this knight different from all other knights?”





I’ve never hit the reblog button so fast in my life.

This dog is 500% done

my favourite part is the second dog that attempts it

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This is the guy that played Neville in Harry Potter.

i like his new wand 


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i can’t believe harry almost died shooting this

he didnt almost die why are people so overdramatic


excuse me this is the face of a true warrior



why is there a huge jug of oregano??? who the fuck puts oregano in brownies?????

i have been informed that it is not oregano but is in fact marijuana


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Derek Hale or Captain Hook (Anonymous)

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the evolution from goodwill to versace



okay scary story time my sister hid this pic of Michael Jackson behind my pillow and when I lifted my pillow I saw this and I screamed so loud I can’t even handle looking at the pic omfg


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Things I will not judge you for:
•Clothing choices

Things I will judge you for:
•Not signalling while driving
•How you treat wait staff
•Which way you think the toilet roll goes


do you ever start to get like really irrationally mad at people for no reason like because they’re standing around in the kitchen and won’t leave when you want to get some food or they move something you set down somewhere else or they forget to close the door when they leave like it’s just a stupid little thing but it makes you so mad

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